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RPS@PAX West 2022: Ron Gilbert tells us about the pirate shenanigans in Return to Monkey Island

Adventure game fans rejoice

Today's PAX West interview is with the one and only Ron Gilbert, series creator of the iconic point-and-click adventure series, Monkey Island. We are big fans of Monkey Island here at RPS, so after watching him guest speak on the Adventure Games PAX panel today, we got a chance to chinwag with Gilbert and to chat about his upcoming comeback to the series with Return to Monkey Island.

Gilbert was lovely enough to tell us all about the next game in the Monkey Island saga - what it was like to return to Monkey Island's world after so long, what we can expect from the puzzles, and snippets of the game's story. Watch below to see the interview in its entirety and make sure you watch to the end to see my impression of a pirate - you won't wanna miss that.

Gilbert sure has me hyped for Return to Monkey Island, and if you've not seen the game's trailer then check that out next. You're able to see some of the game's locations, several familiar faces, and watch Stan the salesman flail his arms around like a chaotic inflatable arm waving tube man.

You won't have to wait long to don your pirate hat and booties, Return to Monkey Island releases on PC just over two weeks away on September 11th (which also happens to be Talk Like A Pirate day). Catch up with yesterday's PAX West activities by checking in with our RPS@PAX tag and make sure to check back in daily for game demos, panels, and interviews straight from the show floor.

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