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RPS@PAX West 2022: The cast of Team Fortress 2 reminisce about the FPS's lasting legacy

Favourite lines from the game, creating their character's voices, and more.

In an interview opportunity that Liam and I are still reeling from, we had the chance to chat to the cast of Team Fortress 2 about their experiences lending their voices to one of the most iconic FPSs of all time.

After watching yesterday's TF2 panel, we were incredibly excited to put our own questions to the TF2 squad. Ellen McLain (the TF2 announcer), Gary Schwartz (Heavy and Demoman), John Patrick Lowrie (Sniper) and Robin Atkin Downes (Medic) answered all our questions including how they each created the voices for the characters and if they would they return for a completely metaphorical release of Team Fortress 3 which - spoilers - was a resounding yes. Watch below for the entire interview.

We're big fans of Team Fortress 2 at RPS (TF2 is part of our best free PC games list and our best FPS games on PC list) so we also enjoyed seeing Robin tweet the cast's furter shinanigans on the show floor. It's kinda cool that they seemingly never get tired of using their iconic character voices.

As always, if you'd like to see what else we've been up to and what else PAX has to offer, keep checking in with our RPS@PAX tag for new updates from the show floor.

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