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RTS-FPS Revival: Savage Resurrection Released

Unreal Engine 4 fanciness

Old people might remember Savage: The Battle for Newerth, a combination of FPS and RTS released in 2003 by S2 Games. The studio have focused on MOBAs in recent years, releasing Heroes of Newerth and Strife, but they're back genremashing now. After a stretch on Steam Early Access, they've properly released Savage Resurrection [official site]. Based on the first Savage game, Resurrection offers 16v16 men vs. monsters multiplayer where one player on each side is a commander and the rest are their troops to direct around. Build bases, lead attacks, smash the enemy's stuff up... it's an RTS played by FPS players, yeah?

So! Two teams. They both play differently, with the humans mostly preferring guns and monsters being more into claws and fists - 'cause they're already on the ends of their arms, yeah? Different classes are different units, with different possible loadouts. As you'd expect from an RTS, your team needs to build and research certain things to open up options.

That's it, yeah? An FPS-RTS. Like the name says. Like the good Battlezone or Natural Selection. I played a bit of Savage back in the day but never really clicked with it, probably because I'd already fallen in love with Natural Selection. Savage didn't seem as interesting as an FPS or an RTS. I only pubbed around briefly before returning to NS, mind, so this might be half-remembered guff.

Savage Resurrection is out on Steam for £11.24/14,99€/$14.99, which includes the 25% launch discount available until Thursday.

Here's a recent trailer explaining more about how the game works:

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