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Rule Britannia: Every Ultima For The Price Of A Pint

Ultima 1-9, plus Underworld 1&2 ultra-cheap

That's right - Ultima 1-9, plus the two Underworld games, for the price of a pint. And not one of those fancy craft ales that you'd sup in a tweedy pop-up bar that charges sixteen quid for a thimble filled with 'paprika-spiced apple cinnamon wedges' that taste like rancid Doritos. GOG.com are currently offering the Ultima bundle for $7.14. That's the price of a pint of Carling round these parts, with a pack of Transform-a-Snacks on the side. Ultima is far better for body and soul.

It's a slice of gaming history, from the experimentation of the early games as they drift from RPG combat to more complex fare, to the incredible high of 'World's Greatest RPG' Ultima VII, and the sad collapse of Ultima IX. The Underworld games still hold up and are the precursors to everything you love, if you are sensible enough to love immersive first-person games of any sort. Only three hours left!

I've written about my love of Ultima VII before. Cast aside any preconceptions about the dated interface and graphics, and play it right now. It's a magnificent simulated world that I'd love to see more modern RPGs attempt to emulate in some way. The same is true of Underworld, which belongs to the Looking Glass school of titles that were not only ahead of their time but apparently from a different dimenson.

Spend some pennies, play some Ultima. Be happy.

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