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Rule Crusader Kings 3 as an immortal with this Vampire: The Masquerade mod

Embrace the darkest of ages

Blood is a powerful tool in the political maneuverings of medieval strategy game Crusader Kings 3, but it's an even more vital resource when your ruler is an actual vampire. Yup, that's sure a thing you can do thanks to the Princes Of Darkness mod that lets you scheme, plot, and rule as a vampire from the Vampire: The Masquerade setting. It's the successor to a Crusader Kings 2 mod of the same name, now bringing your bloody scheming to the newest game.

We'll now have to wait for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 until next year, so you can get a bite of vampire action right now in this homage to the vampire corner of the World Of Darkness setting. Princes Of Darkness changes up how you think about intrigue and succession thanks to a whole family of vampiric considerations.

You're immortal, of course, but not invulnerable, meaning that you won't die of old age but an adversary that comes prepared to behead or roast you can still topple your crown. You can't produce an heir the human way, the mod creators say, so you'll be using marriage as a political tool but not one to protect your family line.

You may even be your own worst enemy if you fail to manage your stress, turning you into a feral wight vampire which will force you to abdicate the throne. Oh yes, and you drink blood of course so you'll need to keep up with your hunting schedule too. That seems to be just the tip of the fang when it comes to the ways that Princes Of Darkness will shake up your strategies.

Along with vampires, there are already quite a few other Crusader Kings 3 mods hitting the Steam Workshop. There's a Bronze Age mod, a barbershop for everyone, and a more surefire way to produce an heir.

Based on Nate's Crusader Kings 3 review, it sounds like there's plenty of strategy to entertain in the main game if you aren't quite ready for mods yet.

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