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Runescape Gets Raids, Giggling Cats

Furry friends

Runescape's July update will add raiding to the browser-based MMO. Also curiously giggly cats and elite slayer creatures.

As a non-Runescape [official site] player I think I'd assumed that either raiding existed already or, if it didn't, that it probably wasn't compatible with how the game worked so I stand corrected on all fronts.

Raids are being pitched as a riff on the game's existing high-level boss fights and can be played by teams of up to ten players. The update will set two initial bosses for Runescapers? Runescapees? Runescapists? to fight against on the planet of Mazcab and, as you might expect, there will be a bunch of teamwork required to even reach them, let alone bring them down. They should be in the game next week, I do believe.

If any of you are players I'd be curious to hear whether you're excited by this development.

A collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund was the other element which caught my eye during the Behind The Scenes video where big cats and big cat-related paraphernalia (titles and XP lamps and the like) are being added to the game. It sounds like rarer cub companions will be available to those who donate directly to the WWF via the game.

It's by no means the first time that an MMO has partnered with a charity to raise money but I was interested because to me the cubs look really giggly. I was wondering whether that was a Runescape companion creature attribute? Are they just super-perky all the time or have I misread a licking animation?

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