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Rust's next DLC pack adds pools, tubes, and water guns

Summer days drifting away

Public pools are pretty much off the schedule this summer, but not to worry. You can still take a dip with your pals. In Rust, that is. The next DLC pack for the naked survival simulation adds pools for your skinny dipping pleasure. The Sunburn Pack DLC will be available Thursday, July 9th for you to get your splash on.

The new DLC pack adds a bunch of very relaxing items for taking a rest on your survival island. The Boogie Board and Inner Tube are vehicles that you can use to putter around in any body of water, including the new kiddo Paddling Pool and larger Above Ground Pool.

You can rinse your friends with a water pistol or a full pump action soaker. There are sunglasses, which apparently do nothing but make you look flash while you relax on a new recliner beneath an umbrella. Ah and you can use the new Beach Towels as respawn points, of course.

For a bit of extra fun which I'm sure not a single person will use for mischief, the new Sunburn Pack is also adding an instant camera. Facepunch Studios say you can use each camera to take up to 30 photos which you can write messages on to share with friends like notes. You can deploy your finest shots in photo frames and paint on them like signs too.

Seems like the new relaxation stations will pair well with Rust's Instruments Pack from last year. Maybe less compatible with the new cars that are now all over the game. Please do not drive your cars into pools.

The Sunburn Pack releases tomorrow, July 9th. You can find it on Steam for £7.19/€8.19/$9.99.

You can also find the base game on Steam for 50% off until the Steam Summer Sale ends tomorrow.

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