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Sacrificial Space Myths: Soulfinity

Soulfinity is the work of four students from the University of Glamorgan, who describe their game as a 3rd person action/puzzler. The characters are taken from Greek mythology but the game takes place in 2394 (not sure on the month), so there are techno-visors, laser swords and spaceships. Many of the puzzles will be based around Odysseus dying intentionally, which seems like a very silly way to progress, but will apparently be essential:

The game's sacrifice mechanic allows players to create copies of their soul, and these souls can help the player if they have used their past life wisely.

There's a short trailer below and, being a child of the eighties, I've included a video of the definitive take on the future-myth.

Behold, Space (not) Jesus.

"No one else can do the things you do!"

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