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Sadface: Sadwick To Return In The Whispered World 2

The tears of listening to the clown.

Remember when we told you about The Whispered World 2, and you were all like, "Yeah, it was quite good, but Sadwick was so bloody annoying." And we were like, "No, but look! This seems to be about a brother and sister who aren't Sadwick." And you were like, "Well, okay, we'll see, but that seems good news." Well, we've seen. For reasons we cannot fathom, Daedalic seem to think it's a good idea to send out press releases boasting that Sadwick will be playable in the new game.

So the game is to have two playable characters, Sadwick and Renie, the little sister from the trailer. The older brother, Noah, is of course Sadwick, because, etc.

There are two possibilities.

1) They're insane, and seeing all the people saying how much they hoped Sadwick wouldn't be in it, they thought, "Shit! No! People are looking forward to it! What can we do?!"

2) There is a contingent out there who have been bombarding Daedalic with concerned missives about the lack of Sadwick's presence in the game's announcement last month, demanding to know if their arse-voiced hero would return.

I fear it's the latter. There are, by my count, far too many idiots out there.

When I reviewed the original game for Eurogamer back in 2010, I put it like this:

"The actor providing our hero's voice needs to have his vocal chords removed, sealed in a lead box and fired into space. You know that hateful baby voice Adam Sandler insists on doing in half his films? Times it by 20. It's excruciating to the point where I taught myself to speed-read just to skip his voice as quickly as possible. It's like having your favourite poem read out by Joe Pasquale."

We've asked Daedalic if the same man, Robert Lyons, will be return for this sequel. They say they have no information on that yet. In the meantime, here's a reminder of just how bad it was:

This announcement gets more strange when it's accompanied by brand new screenshots, none of which feature Sadwick. It is the most peculiar of announcements (although at least this time they haven't given days of exclusivity to a website with a broken video player). The game looks like it's going to be utterly beautiful - whether it will be tolerable is yet to be revealed.

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