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Safety Car On Track: F1 2015 Released

An early pit stop?

Codemasters' Formula 1 racing games hit a bit of a bump in the transition to a new console generation, meaning that here on PC we saw F1 2014 towards the end of the racing season, as ever, but F1 2015 [official site] is arriving a lot earlier this year. Today, in fact. It's out now (and that's after a one-month delay. You can buy it and play it right now.

A fair few folks are grumbling about poor performance and crashes, though.

The new version looks prettier and brings the new season's racing and all that, but what about those tweaks to the core game that an annualised sequel should bring too? This year, Codies are talking up many improvements to their physics-based handling system. F1 2015 also includes the 2014 season's content, but is missing features from the previous year's game like a career mode and co-op. It's a bit wonky too.

Many Steam user reviews are complaining about poor performance and crashes. Codies dropped a patch this afternoon but it doesn't sound like that fixed everything.

F1 2015 is £39.99 on Steam and whatnot, but looks a bit cheaper to buy in a box.

Arriving earlier in the season seems to make more sense to me. Who wants the F1 game at the point when your favourite drivers and teams have already blown it, and tracks are tainted with the memories of everything that went wrong there? No, come to them fresh, when you're still full of excitement and hope. Okay, so F1 2015 comes a few months behind the start, but better now than later. I wonder whether Codies will stick with an earlier release next year, or slip back to their old September/October ways.

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