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Rowy Horror Show: Saints Row IV The Musical

Everyone dreams, I can dream too

Demonstrating an impressive refusal to stop being absolutely ridiculous, Saints Row 4's about to offer up a standalone expansion named Gat Out Of Hell, in which the gang come to bust you out of Satan's pile. This much we already knew, but getting to witness the heights of its divine (or quite the opposite) madness first-hand is something else.

GTA V might have had a fancy-pants high-def remake, but Saints Row 4 has a full-length musical number. Pretty sure I know which one's got my vote. Ready yourself for this: they've not done this thing by halves.

Splendid stuff, in a "we can do it, and there's no longer anyone to tell us we shouldn't do it, so therefore we should do it" sort of way, even if it does owe a debt to the South Park movie.

In case you're now concerned that the entire game will consist of warbling and awkward rhymes, the footage we saw a couple of months ago suggests the meat of the game will be SR4's now-familiar drive'n'murder'n'superpowers setup, albeit with a demonic theme. I'm still hoping there's a musical theatre rhythm action minigame in there too.

Oh, and if you're in the mood for a giggle/moment of utter despair, the outraged YouTube comments on that video are Quite The Thing.

Gat Out Of Hell is a standalone Saints Row IV expansion, due out at the end of January. Which sounds like ages, but in fact 2015 is only weeks away, and I am FREAKING OUT about that.

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