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Salt And Sacrifice's Soulsy combat summons May 10th release date

Great on chips

Salt And Sacrifice is a 2D sidescroller about battering through a gothic, interconnected world full of cursed, formidable monsters. It's Dark Soulsy, from its skill system to its co-op summons to your custom character being some sort of indebted criminal.

It also now has a release date: May 10th, according to a new trailer below.

As well as being able to summon pals to help, S&S also has PvP in which you can invade other player's games and hunt them down. It really is Dark Soulsy, I'm not making this up.

It hopefully gets away with its similarities by executing well on all those ideas. Our Ed has already had a go on a build of Salt And Sacrifice, calling it a worthy successor to its predecessor in his preview.

Salt And Sacrifice has 'normal' boss fights, with hulking brutes that'll block your path unless you tackle them - for instance, I faced off against a large lad with a whopping great axe - but there are Hunts too, which have you follow a wispy, dark trail in search of a powerful mage. In my case, I needed to devour the heart of a pyromancer named "Arzhan-Tin", who engulfed Ashbourne Village in fire. Come on Tinny, there's just no need for that.

That predecessor was Salt And Sanctuary, which Alec liked aside from some infuriatingly sudden deaths. The two games have similar enough names that I've got their order mixed up about four times while writing this post. They should have named the sequel Vengeance And Vinegar.

Salt And Sacrifice will launch May 10th exclusively via the Epic Games Store, where it'll cost $20. Presumably it'll arrive on Steam a year after that.

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Salt And Sacrifice

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