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Salt sails out of early access


Way back when, we declared the open-world pirate-o-craft-a-sailing sandbox Salt to be one of the best games of 2014 - when it was still in early access. If you've been waiting since then for it to be finished and properly out, buddy, I have good news for you. After three-and-a-bit years, Salt today left early access. I trust you've been starving your closest shipmates of vitamin C to develop scurvy in preparation for adventures.

Over the years of early access, developers Lavaboots Studios have expanded Salt with online multiplayer, new island types, great gobs of items, a main quest line and loads of side quests, boss battles, and a long list of other features.

I wonder if we can tempt our John out from in the alien ocean of Subnautica and back on top of Salt's seas. John was the fella here really into Salt, writing about his gentle adventures and still in 2016 calling it "possibly the gentlest, most soothing survival game of all." Sure, gentle aside from the swordfights, ship battles, and plundering.

Salt is out now on Steam for Windows. The price has gone up $5 alongside the full launch, though a small launch discount brings it down a little to £13.94/€17.99/$17.99.

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