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Samurai slasher Trek To Yomi cutting into May

And coming to Game Pass

The stylish side-scrolling samurai story Trek To Yomi will launch on the 5th of May, publishers Devolver Digital announced today. And to sate your black-and-white bloodthirst until then, they've released a new 15-minute gameplay trailer full of monochromatic murder. Check it out below.

Trek To Yomi is the tale of a young swordsman in feudal Japan, whose vow to protect his town leads him on an adventure taking a supernatural turn. Yomi is the land of the dead, y'know. So off he goes, stabbing in side-scrolling violence with dramatic camera angles.

Our Ed recently had a go on a preview chunk. He quite liked what he played, calling the combat "elegant", and especially liking what he saw. "I'm convinced it's going to be the most Instagrammable game out there," Ed said in his preview.

He concluded, "Trek To Yomi is a refined samurai slasher that shows great potential. There's no bloat here, only a simple story backed by a gorgeous setting and refined combat. I'm keen to unsheathe my blade and get back in there - mainly so I can get some more nice screenshots."

Trek To Yomi is due to hit Steam and GOG on the 5th of May. It'll also be on PlayStations, Xboxes, and Game Pass. It's made by Leonard Menchiari with Shadow Warrior studio Flying Wild Hog, and published by Devolver.

Disclosure: RPS co-founder Alec Meer wrote for Trek To Yomi.

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Trek to Yomi

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