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Satirical bouncer sim Not Tonight 2 is coming to America

You don’t look 1776

There’s enough political friction in the world for Brexit-inspired bouncing sim Not Tonight to return for a second round. Not Tonight 2’s focus is on America this time, not post-Brexit Britain, and will see a trio of bouncers travel across the US as they race to stop their friend being deported.

I think I'll let the game speak for itself: “Not Tonight 2 explores an alternative, defective America, where capitalism and political greed have taken center stage, and democracy is a thing of the past. Written and brought to life by a team of POC writers and artists, this US road trip explores every festering orifice of this Land of Liberty.”

You’ll play Malik, Kevin and Mari attempting to stop their friend Eduardo from being deported by the Martyrs regime. It’s a mixture of politically pointed mini-games where you check people Papers, Please-style for the correct age, religions or affiliations before letting them into events, bars, and other places.

You’ll be bouncing all over the place. And, yes, that’s a great pun. Traveling across America will lead you to more diverse jobs than bar work. You’ll be standing in front of a cult’s gathering, checking ID and potentially converting people. You’ll be working at the “Texan Wall”, or checking prison passes as a line of convicts gathers, pondering just how much of this work you can stomach while trying to release your friend from the Miami gulag.

It will be out on Steam this year, though we don’t know exactly when yet.

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