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Satisfactory's update 6 revamps weapons, creature AI and exploration

One step closer to hitting 1.0

Satisfactory's update 6 is now available in the scifi craft 'em up's early access release. It makes several sweeping changes to the game, including revamping existing weapons, adding new locations to enhance exploration, and, uh, a boombox, so you can blast music while you build. There's a new update trailer below.

The changes to weapons include nine new ammunition types for the Rebar Gun, Nobelisk Detonator and Rifle. The new ammunition includes things like homing bullets and cluster bombs. There are also new body equipment slots, with each player able to socket new equipment for their head, back, body adn legs.

When Coffee Stain first discussed update 6 earlier this year, they said they were transitioning to a phase in development where updates would take longer as they polished the game for 1.0. They also said that they'd be focusing on revamping exploration, first.

Update 6 does that in multiple ways, including the new tropical Spire Coast, a visual overhaul for The Swamp, and new dynamic clouds in the sky. Players can also now unlock the map as a Tier 1 technoloigy, and it has been updated to include Map Markers in place of Beacons.

Other changes include improvements to creature AI, tweaks to research trees, and the aforementioned boomboxes. You can find cassette tapes in the world, or purchase them, to then play on your shoulder-mounted stero. The stereo can also apparently be used as a weapon to "blow bothersome visitors away."

Satisfactory is one of the most moreish of these factory-building efficiency sims, and update 6 seems to bring it a large step close to hitting 1.0. You can read more about these latest changes on Steam.

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