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Save £10 on Fnatic's excellent React gaming headset

Music to our ears

The Fnatic React is a great all-round gaming headset, but its launch price of £70 made it a slightly tough sell compared to some of my other top gaming headset recommendations. Happily, it's currently on sale for just £60 over at Amazon UK right now, making it a lot more tempting if you're after something a bit more upmarket than the similarly-priced Logitech G432.

Indeed, I'd normally recommend the aforementioned Logitech for those after a brilliant gaming headset on a budget, but its current price of £60 means it's quite a lot more expensive than normal at the moment. Admittedly, the Logitech G432 hasn't been its usual price of £50 ever since the coronavirus pandemic began and demand for cheap headsets with built-in microphones went through the roof, but when you can currently get the Fnatic React for the same amount of money, I'd argue it's much better value for money than its Logitech rival.

For starters, the Fnatic's build quality is a lot more upmarket than the Logitech, and its faux leather ear cushions and thick, memory-foam padded headband make it a lot more comfortable to wear for long periods of time, too. Plus, its detachable microphone means you can get away with using them as a regular pair of headphones as well without having a giant plastic mic attached to the side of the headset.

I was also very pleased with the Fnatic React's audio quality when I tested it back at the end of March. Fnatic might say it's been designed with esports games in mind, but I found it handled my usual test suite of definitely not esports games admirably, delivering crisp, clear audio no matter what I threw at it. Its mic also did a good job capturing my voice when I recorded myself talking, too.

Indeed, the only real quibble I had with the React was that it didn't sound quite as good when I was just listening to regular music through iTunes and the like as it did in-game. Still, as a pure gaming headset there's a lot to like about the Fnatic React, especially if you don't want an overly 'gamery' looking headset, too.

Alas, the React is still full price at $75 over in the US at the moment, so this is only really a good deal for those buying in the UK. The good news, though, is that Logitech's G432 is, in fact, in stock and on sale for $50 right now, making it a much better buy for our friends in the US.

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