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Save over $450 on Dell's Alienware gaming monitors

A done Dell deal

Dell's big mega sale is still going strong in both the UK and the US at the moment, but the US has just got some fantastic new gaming monitor deals that are worth shouting about, such as $125 off their 240Hz AW2521HFL display, which is one of Nvidia's officially certified G-Sync Compatible monitors (pictured above), and a massive $460 off their ultrawide Alienware AW3420DW.

The AW3420DW deal is already 31% claimed at time of writing, so there's no telling how quickly this deal will get snapped up. Still, even though its new deal price of $1060 is still a considerable chunk of change, you are getting quite a lot of monitor for your money. As well as a 3440x1440 resolution, the AW3420DW has a 120Hz refresh rate, a curved IPS panel (so colour accuracy should be pretty high), plus two USB3 ports and full G-Sync support for Nvidia graphics cards. Plus, it sure beats buying it at its regular price of $1520.

Other Alienware monitors on sale include the aforementioned AW2521HFL, a 240Hz gaming display with a 1920x1080 resolution that's now $385 instead of $510. That's a saving of $125. This particular model is technically a Freesync screen, but it's also received one of Nvidia's proper G-Sync Compatible stickers as well, meaning its variable refresh rate technology should play nicely with Nvidia and AMD graphics cards alike for smooth, tear-free gaming. This monitor also has an IPS display like its ultrawide cousin, only this one is flat rather than curved.

Alternatively, if 25in is just a bit too small for your liking, then the AW2720HF is also on sale for $460, which is a saving of $150. This is another 240Hz 1920x1080 gaming display, but it has a larger 27in screen. I'm wary about recommending 27in monitors with this resolution, as I feel like the extra screen real estate makes everything look a bit fuzzy at 1920x1080, making them less suited for regular desktop work. However, the lower pixel density is a lot less noticeable in games, so you probably won't have as many problems if you're just going to be using it for playing games.

Then again, when Dell's excellent 27in 4K U2720Q only costs a little bit more at $540 at the moment (down from $720), I'd argue that this is a much better use of your money if you're after a 27in gaming monitor. Sure, its refresh rate is capped at 60Hz, but as someone who owns an earlier model of this 4K screen (the U2718Q), it's served me incredibly well as both a work monitor and a gaming screen. It has superb colour accuracy, too, and I really couldn't recommend it highly enough - especially when it normally costs $180 more.

There are, of course, several more monitors on sale than the four I've highlighted here, so it's definitely worth having a browse of the full list yourself to see what else might take your fancy. And remember, a lot of those laptop deals from the other day are still up for grabs, so make sure you check out their gaming laptop and desktop deals as well.

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