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Saving The Company: Profitable Platforming

Here's a micro-platformer for you to have a bit of fun with. Platforming isn't all rescuing princesses from castles and saving the world: Sometimes it's just about cold hard business. Saving the Company is a devious tale of corporate rebellion in the face of plummeting stock prices, and it sees you attempting to enact a company rescue & recovery strategy, through puzzle solving platforming. Sort of.

Yes, the story is mainly just a funny little conceit to get you into the game. Once you're in, it's all about working out how to get from one very similar room to the next, where each room has a trick or puzzle for you to solve. The puzzles got a giggle out of me more than once, and whilst it's a simple game, it's obvious a fair bit of care and attention has gone into making it. I suggest you give it a try.

I managed to Save The Company in 7 minutes 28 seconds. Bet you can't beat that.

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