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Sax And Violins: Arranger 

Quite Saxy

Whatever Arranger is, and it appears to be many things, it has something in it called a "Turpato Peeler". That is such a beautiful mangling of the term that I laughed for about a minute. The rest of this strange adventure game seems no less silly and wondrous: it's set in a world of music and inspired by classic point and clickers, and a game where you fight not with swords or guns, but with the musical instruments that you've collected in your adventures. Your goal is to become the best music arranger the world of Musica has ever seen. The trailer below is quite the thing.

It's built on a pile of mini-games and world walking, which seems to stitch moments of intense action together with a batshit world. My absolutely favourite idea is found in the description of the boss battles (surprisingly): "Engage in strange boss battles by taking control of the soundtrack! Select the three best instruments you have and blast away at the pleasure cortex of the listener."

I can see myself blasting sax notes at a brain for fun. Can you?

It's currently busking for votes over on Greenlight, and I did the clicky thumb thing. I want to see all 120 x 80 pixels on the PC.

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