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Sax Appeal: Vote Now In The Saxxy Awards

Depending on how much fibreglass you ate as a child you may or may not remember that the last two weeks saw Valve encouraging people to use Team Fortress 2's new editing suite to submit videos in a whopping twenty different categories. The deadline for this competition is long gone but the fun is just beginning, as now anyone with a Steam account can start judging those videos via this very link.

You pick a category, the page produces two videos and you say which is better. Simple! The quality of the videos might, ah, that is to say, the videos are often not of the calibre that you might expect from a human being with an actual brain, but every so often you might find a good one. Being good sports, PC Gamer have are collecting the best ones they find here, and I've been having a fair bit of luck in the "Most Pwnage" category. This one made me chuckle.

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