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Say "hello!" to RPS's new sibling site Cosplay Central

That's a solid Ciri

Order! Order! There's a family announcement in the RPS treehouse. Our parents say there's a new baby in the family and look! It's a website! Our little sibling Cosplay Central has launched with all the usual things you see us doing—news, features, videos, guides, and the lot—but about cosplay. Go say greets if you're into being absolutely daunted by the manual dexterity involved in weaving chainmail.

Here's the business speak for ya, courtesy of business daddy ReedPop. They say that Cosplay Central is "a new multiplatform destination that is designed to be the global voice of the cosplay community and the premier destination for all things Cosplay."

On to the fun part. It looks like CC have a bit of all the usual nerd-culture costuming—anime, comics, Game Of Thrones, you know. But look, they've got some PC gaming fodder as well. Check out that excellent Ciri by Gillian Conahan in her Zerrikanian outfit from The Witcher 3.

"She spent more than 500 hours building her Ciri," Cosplay Central say. Hoo boy, and I thought playing Wild Hunt for 200 hours was a feat. "Although the main pieces were done in wool, leather, and steel mail, more than 25 different materials were used to create the complete ensemble, including eight for the sword alone."

What else can we dig up for the PC gaming crowd? Here we go, Comic Con Seoul winner lanha as Gul'dan from World Of Warcraft, a classic.

Image credit: Cosplay Central.

This ensemble looks like a real show of skill between that mask, a dang beard, and a bunch of prop design. "She also had a luminous glyph, giving clear look in darkness," Cosplay Central say. "There is a 24V LED bar that is used in shoulder and wrist." Dang.

For more of that, plus interviews and guides on how to craft yourself some IRL gloves, keep an eye on our new friends at Cosplay Central.

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