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Say hi to our first official weekend editor, Jay Castello

Happy weekend

Hey gang, your friendly neighbourhood news editor Alice here, excited to announce that RPS today welcome our first official weekend editor. We've posted 'weekend news' for years but been sliding towards loosening up the format, better reflecting a weekend vibe. Now it's official. You'll still see some news on RPS weekends, but also things that are more critical, more celebratory, less fleeting, more curious... look, we're still feeling it out and will all find out together. I'm excited to, and especially with our new weekend editor: Jay Castello.

You'll have seen her writing on RPS before, from this year's Free 3 selection to the complicated fandom around Overwatch player "Geguri". Jay, say hullo!

Hi! I'm Jay and being a freelancer I barely know what a weekend is.

I like teeny-tiny alt games, taking endless screenshots, and accidentally getting way too emotionally invested in esports. I think that games are at their best when they're weird and surprising and varied, and honestly I'm liable to get enthusiastic about pretty much anything that passes in front of me, so I'm very excited to get experimental here.

But never with the spelling of 'video games', which is two words.

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