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Scare Up Some Deals: Steam's Halloween Sale

Killer prices. Also, murder

Are you ready to be SHOCKED? DISGUSTED? TERRIFIED? OK then, here goes: Steam is having a sale. Whoa, what was that? Lightning flashing? The dead rising? A flock of spoooooooky bats getting caught in a plane engine? Whatever just happened, I'm sure you never saw it coming - much like Valve's sales. Nobody ever knows precisely and exactly when or where they'll strike next, nor do they mark their calendars and preserve their piggy banks for it. It's all mystery, all unknown, all white-hot, gut-mashing fear. As soon as you finish recovering from your 666 simultaneous heart attacks, you might consider perusing the hacked, slashed, and bifurcated prices, which include the likes of Outlast, both Amnesias, DmC Devil May Cry, Natural Selection II, Dead Space(s), Don't Starve, and heaps of others.

It's a simpler sale than Steam's typical fare, with a massive pile of games discounted until November 1st. No rotating daily deals, no meta-games, no badges, no voting. Probably expect all of that to make a triumphant and predictable return sometime next month.

This sale's still pretty sizable, though. Over 150 games are discounted, and a few are even fairly recent releases. Standouts include those mentioned above, Rise of the Triad, Sleeping Dogs, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition, Darksiders II (at 80 percent off), Brutal Legend, every FEAR game for hardly anything, and criminally underrated (probably due to its awful name) clone puzzler The Swapper.

Go have a look for yourself. It's not Steam's strongest effort by any means, but there are still a decent many treats nestled among the horrors. So then, what're ya boiyin'?

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