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Sci-fi caper 2000:1 A Space Felony is free this week

AI AI, captain

There's a lot of sci-fi silliness of 2000:1: A Space Felony Or How I Came To Value My Life And Murder Mercilessly. It's pretty much guaranteed when you look at the name. Not only is it uncomfortably long, it also provides more colons than I care to have. That sense of comical overwriting is a big part of the game - a first-person investigation on a space station with four corpses and one shifty AI. This week it's free for Thanksgiving, say developers National Insecurities.

"...the game is a thanks to you for playing the game," they say. "We know, that's not how linear time works, don't think about it too much."

I liked it for being a short 30-minuter with jokes and a neat animation for the giant AI eyeball that lives on board the station. Parallels with Tacoma are inevitable, but this is more a mickey-take of traditional sci-fi and detective fiction than an outright stab at Fullbright's conversation rewinder. Not least because it came out shortly beforehand.

The studio behind this also made the free and funny Disorient on the Murder Express, in which you took sips of whiskey while pointing an accusatory finger at suspicious people on a train. They're now remaking this with the intention of putting it in a compilation of (I presume) detective-based antics.

"We're making it entirely from the ground up," said Gary Kings of National Insecurities, "restyling it as a silent movie."

2000:1: A Space Felony was a Humble original on its release, but it's now out in the larger world on its Itch.io page. It'll go back to a paid price on November 28, so get it now, cheapskates.

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