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Biomechanical FPS Scorn sprouts crowdfunding gland

A gristly lump of action

We'll need to wait a while longer to explore the biomechanical guts and gristle of FPS-adventure Scorn [official site], to wander its corridors of cracked ribs and spy its fields of festering phallic protrusions. Developers Ebb Software say they're almost done with the first of its two chapters but, on reflection, they'd rather take more time and polish it up for a 2018 launch rather than rush it out. For that, they need extra money. Ebb today launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking crowdfunded cash and while offering copies of the finished game and all that. Here, watch this new gameplay vid:

Yep, I remain delighted with how unpleasant reloading and changing the function of that meatgun is.

Scorn, then, is a first-person puzzle-o-shooter set inside a cybermeathell. Ebb's talk of limited resources, loneliness, wandering winding levels, and sometimes needing to flee does remind me a touch of System Shock.

Visually, obviously it's drawing a lot from the art of H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński, and David Cronenberg's movies. Pip had a chat with Ebb about the game's look; do read it.

Scorn is looking for 150,000€ (£140k-ish) on Kickstarter to finish development. The game is partially funded by Humble in their foray into publishing but I guess that's not enough. Pledging at least 17€ (£15.50) will get you a copy of the game when it's finished, which should be by October 2018. Usual crowdfunding caveats apply.

A demo is coming during the course of this campaign, which runs for another 33 days, but weirdly it'll only be for backers? That's daft. Presumably they'll change their minds and open it up to entice more folks into backing.

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