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ScourgeBringer looks slicker than an oil spill

I bet it's you

SLASH. BLAST. SMASH. DASH. All these verbs and more await in ScourgeBringer, an upcoming rogue-lite platformer that channels Dead Cells-esque combat through a more minimalist lens. Yes, I'm saying that based solely on the reveal trailer, but the reveal trailer is packed with enough dodge rolls and squishing noises that I'll eat my ominous floating head-orb if I turn out to be wrong.

ScourgeBringer doesn't have any ominous floating head-orbs, but it does have Dead Cells' slickness. Observe.

I knew I wanted to play this the moment I saw that first wall run. Or rather, the moment I saw that first wall run flow into a slicing-dash, a hop, and a downward sword strike. Smooth, mobile, slick and deadly. I know of no better way to fight on platforms.

Those platforms make up the "infinite depths of an ever-changing dungeon", though I don't know if that refers to the cool kind of procedural generation or the crap kind where you keep walking into the same rooms in a different order. I do know that there are a "dozen giant bosses", and that you can "uncover mysteries and alternative routes to find mementos of previous explorers". Oh yeah. There's a story, too.

You play as Kyhra, on a mission to chop down ancient robots guarding both her past and "the redemption of humanity". I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the scourge and its bringer aren't what we'd originally assume. It's her, innit. Developers Flying Oak Games are doing the I Am Legend thing, and I'll eat my ominous float-

We don't know when ScourgeBringer will be out or how much it will cost, but feel free to wishlist it on Steam.

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