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Charlotte Gore's Screened Made Me Scream


Screened is a fiendish little free platformer in the vein of Super Meat Boy with a scratchy, itchy post-punk soundtrack that's a perfect match: both are like fingernails run down a blackboard, yet both unavoidably draw you in.

The game was built for the Ludum Dare 31 game jam, the theme of which was "the entire game on one screen". Screened spins its single screen out into multiple levels by moving around obstacles and barriers every time you reach the exit, with each new spin on the screen throwing new challenges into your face whilst laughing at your incompetence and displeasure.

Apparently most people don't even get past the pools of water on the fourth screen. I've managed to reach a couple of screens after that point, but I can tell there are still plenty more to go. I don't feel too bad about not having beaten the game, though, since Gore describes herself as a Super Hexagon champion and the best I've done at Terry Cavanagh's maddening reflex game is last about 60 seconds on the easiest level. Sigh. Such games are not for me, but I still keep playing them.

Screened is playable online, and those who'd like to know more can find both a post-mortem and a playthrough on the Ludum Dare site.

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