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Screenshot Saturday Mondays: flirty Poirot and happy Caturday

Admiring more interesting indie games

Every weekend, indie devs show off current work on Twitter's #screenshotsaturday tag. And every Monday, I bring you a selection of these snaps and clips. This week, my eye has been caught by automotive horror, great goop technology, flirting with Hercule Poirot, and the most beautiful little cat.

I feel it's been an eternity since I last saw Beware, the horror game about horrible car chases through dark countryside and villages.

A big fan of this simulation-shattering glitching in Yuha's Nightmares (coming to Steam).

I am delighted that Hyper Demon (the surprise sequel to Devil Daggers) is already inspiring admirers.

A lovely friend in lagmorph platformer Lapin (coming to Steam).

A striking new title screen for tactical mech game Vactics (in early access on Steam).

Exciting goo physics comparison from a yet-unnamed "2D physics sandbox game with survival/RPG elements".

Yes, this is the sort of ridiculous projectile I want from a giant unholy revolver in the wild west underworld of Rose And Locket (coming to Steam).

Striking scenes from sidescrolling "souls-lite" Return (coming to Steam).

I appreciate the attention to scaffolding in 1970s alt-history immersive sim Spectra.

Hercule Poirot: The First Cases (out now on Steam) may have launched a year ago, but I cannot resist this cheeky behind-the-scenes footage the devs have found.

Still very into the Townscaper stylings of Islands & Trains (coming to Steam).

A striking cutscene from adventure game Age Of The Witch.

How fortunate that Screenshot Saturday overlaps with Caturday, treating us to behind-the-scenes dev footage of cuties like this helper on zippy FPS Overgun.

What else caught your eye this weekend, reader dear?

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