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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Goat meets go-kart, sci-fi scenery, and squirrel songs

Weekly gif-ts

Screenshot Saturday, Twitter’s weekly tag for developers to share snippets of their in-progress games has again rolled around, leaving behind a treasure trove for me to pick through and choose some pretty gifs to share with you. Within: an over-eager goat, a sun-drenched world, and some octopus-battling rodents.

Summer Catchers is an upcoming “road trip arcade game with adventure elements,” and it looks gorgeous as you can see from the header image above. It’s apparently about escaping the northern cold by fleeing south, which I find deeply relatable as we finally break out of winter here in the UK. There are certain obstacles in the way though, apparently including goat-based crashes.

I’m not sure what I like most here. Is it the determination on the face of the driver as she collects mushrooms before being spun into the air? Is it the energy implied by the constant movement waterfall in the background? It’s probably the way the goat looks at the camera after the incident as though they’re completely innocent.

You can find more information about Summer Catchers on its Steam page, which explains how to avoid incidents like this one as well as the kinds of encounters you can expect from the non-goat population of the world.

I am again dreaming of sunlight and warmer days thanks to Epitasis, a “sci-fi exploration puzzle game.” The night time part of this gif is nice and all, and I love stars and giant oversized moons as much as the next person, but I want to lie down in that orange glow please.

Epitasis is a game about deciding to take an impromptu trip through an ancient portal and exploring the ruins of an alien civilisation to find out what happened to the people who once lived there. Pip wrote about it when it was crowdfunding a couple of years ago, and after succeeding in its goal it apparently headed into the polishing stages in February. “Explore at your own pace; traverse the colorful, non-linear world in any way you choose, day or night,” reads the Steam page.

Elsewhere, I’m falling in love with a bardic squirrel.

Bruce is from a game-in-progress called Small Saga, “a game about a very angry mouse.” Small Saga doesn’t seem to have a website or store page yet, but it’s made by one of the folks behind Aviary Attorney, the rather good bird lawyer game, so it’s someone with a good track record in anthropomorphic character tales. (Coincidentally, Pip wrote about that one too, and said she enjoyed what she’d played of it at the time.)

For many more gems waiting to be dug up, take a gander in the Twitter tag itself.

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