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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Blasting beats and long walks on the beach

Screenshots! Screenshots!

Screenshot Saturday Sundays! As the clouds of the past week's hard work part, developers, hobbyists and curious beginners gather in kind to share their personal projects and would-be masterpieces on the social media site you love to hate. This week: Blasting to the beat, neon-tinted parkour, low-res goblins and a nice trip to the coast.

I'd just hopped into bed last night when Q.U.B.E. developer Dan Da Rocha dropped this absolute bombshell on the #screenshotsaturday tags. Crank the volume right up and hit play, y'all.

Shooters have been described as rhythmic before. Doom 2016's heavy metal routine had you improvising a solo through shredded bullets and heavy, gore-soaked pauses. But Da Rocha's work wonders what it would mean to have your weapons play in time to a Mick Gordon riff. Right now, we've only a glimpse at one gun firing in syncopation with faceless foes dropping dead, but there's incredible scope for ways different weapons and baddies could fight to the beat.

Imagine disarming a screen-filling monster with the firearm equivalent of a drum solo, or holding an overpowered BFG that can only be fired on the drop. I'm so, so excited to see where this goes next.

Forget the wall-running and grapple-swinging. You can tell developers Low Hanging Coin are Titanfall 2 fans by even the simple way the gun model tilts when crouch-sliding between jumps. Currently available on Steam via Early Access, Get To The Orange Door does look a hell of a lot like Respawn's incredible 2016 shooter.

But if I can have a hot take here (and honestly, who's gonna stop me) - I felt too many of Titanfall's combat arenas made poor use of your parkour skillset. If GTTOD can just give me a really, really long version of Tf2's gauntlet, as suggested above, I'm more than set.

It's not really a Screenshot Saturday Sunday without some low-res nonsense. But there's no horror here - only Tenderfoot Tactics' tiny goblins.

As scouted out by Matt last year, Tenderfoot is a lovely little tactics game with a striking look and shifting, destructive battlefields. Me being me, I probably adore these soft visuals even more in this compressed state - a shifting, hazy tone that defies definition while retaining clarity where it counts. Resolution's a hell of a tool when used with intent.

Let's end our Sunday with a nice walk on the beach, pooch at our side, courtesy of an unnamed debut from German devs Third Shift Studios.

Scrolling through their Twitter feed, this "pensioner goes for a walk" 'em up looks utterly delightful. LArge, isolating spaces dotted with moments of compact intimacy. One to keep an eye on, for sure.

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