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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Darling demons, creepy chambers, and enormous ears

Weekly gif-ts

Screenshot Saturday! A day for seeing what’s going on with some games that are currently in development, and appreciating them for just what they are right now as well as what they might eventually be. This week: a happy little demon pal, a little combat improvement, and one very fluffy sheep.

Today’s mandated friend critter is this enthusiastic little thing from Memorial:

Memorial is a game about a dying society, in which you apparently both “Discover the histories of the remaining survivors” and “confront the haunting Graves and mighty Kindred determined to end your journey.” I couldn’t tell you which one is depicted here, mostly because I suspect the latter but I really want it to be the former.

You can find out more, including the fact that you’ll be playing as a wizard with the excellent name ‘Punk’, at their website.

I like this glimpse at Signalis because it shows off a nice tweak the developers have been working on while also admitting that game development is a lot of stuff that you can’t show off in a fancy Tweet:

Signalis is a survival horror game and I’m going to move on from it as quickly as possible because I watched the teaser trailer on their website and it was too spooky. Luckily, Dominic already wrote about it for me.

For balance, here is a second pal, this time a very audiologically gifted sheep.

You can befriend them via Weaving Tides, a game about flying a fabric-y dragon and using its tail to stitch up puzzles and enemies alike. Or if you prefer you can just embroider to your heart's content in the creative mode, which is something I’ve never seen digitised before. You can see it up there in the header image, and keep up with the game until its planned release next year via its Steam page.

Bonus this week is some incredibly satisfying cloth physics:

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