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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Day-glo zombies and a dream of jeans

Screens, dreams and jeans

Screenshot Saturday Sundays! It's been an absolutely roasting weekend, folks, so let's chill out in the shade and crack open a refreshing can of work-in-progress screenshots, videos and ice-cold gifs. This week: cross-dimensional translation, precarious hangouts, neon zombie raves and (not quite) pong.

Yes, I said Pong. Our first game's no looker in the traditional sense, but it's one hell of a neat concept.

Qomp asks what happens to the Pong ball after it goes off-screen, and immediately answers with "a dungeon crawler, of course". While there's a novel challenge in navigating labyrinths as a manifestation of the bouncing DVD logo, it's when the game suddenly becomes Snake that the doors are bashed wide open. If we can expect more of this incidental genre-smashing in Qomp's halls, we might be onto something very special indeed.

Now, close your eyes, take a breath, and let this squeaky toy tear you through realities.

I scarcely have an idea what's going on here, but it looks delicious. Twitter compression has done a right number on the footage, but I adore how tactile this decisively non-physical space in - multicoloured popcorn storms gusting around our plastic tour-guide. That clay-like craft can be found all across Dome-King Cabbage is a self-described "visual novel set in a monster collecting RPG" that even has its own charming trading cards. Delightful stuff.

We're clearly in some sort of dystopia with our next game, because this precarious staircase has lost all its handrails. Don't look down, kid.

For the last few weeks, low-fi dystopian vignettes have been trickling out of the feed of VA-11 HALL-A creative director Kiririn5 - tracksuits in dark alleys, old geezers in smoke-filled rooms, and the above shot of a poster-stricken precipice. Sukeban are currently working on more direct bartending follow-up N1RV Ann-A, but I'm keen to see the team expand beyond watering holes and start exploring whatever dismal streets are being teased here.

Finally - did you get an invite to the party of the year?

Perhaps not - I hear the managers don't send out invites to Strobophagia until long after your burial. Shame.

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