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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Photography, boomerang knives and a night out in hell

What's up, tellyheads?

Screenshot Saturday Sundays! Summer is here, but it's both far too warm and a little too infectious to bother with all that "going outside" nonsense. Let's go see what the world of videogames are up to over on our favourite Twitter hashtag instead. This week: A stroll through the woods, panic platforming, knife-fights in the jungle and a disco inferno.

Grab your camera and put on your jacket. We're starting this week's screenshots by taking a few of our own, courtesy of adorable monochrome snap 'em up Toem.

Toem debuted its first trailer during this week's Wholesome Direct. Putting aside the discourse over what that term even means, Toem looks rather lovely - a photography adventure through minimal, monochrome, Scandinavian dioramas. As it happens, I love me a good photography game.

The game's clean, almost interface-like landscape could lead to some uniquely stark snaps. Toem developers Something We Made are currently eyeballing an early 2021 release on Steam

So, cards on the table, I've been playing a fair bit of that Tetris 99 (the one where it's a battle royale) on my Switch lately, and I'm awful. Just, terribly bad at the thing. Thankfully, someone's turning the venerable block-dropper into something I'm far more familiar with - a frantic, action-heavy platform shooter.

A Tetris-esque platformer is already a neat enough minigame as-is. But over the last few weeks, developer Nol has been building on top of that foundations - adding more tools, weapons, and distractions. It's grown this very Downwell vibe, from the quick bursts of yer wee man's laser to the little spin they do when jumping off blocks. While currently untitled, I'm excited to see what this nifty little thing ends up building towards.

It's no shocker why these arms are absolutely plastered in bandages. What else did you expect, tossing around a boomerang covered in knives?

This one just looks well fun, y'all. There's a lovely, Pro Skater vibe to the momentum and combo-building knife-fights in BoomerangX, delivered with a crisp, slightly Samurai Jack look to its bold, sketched out palette. Murdering ten thousand giant spiders with throwing knives in the treetops seems a right lark, once I'll be keeping watch for when it arrives on Steam later this year.

Ending our rundown this week - you meet all sorts of strange folks while out clubbing, but these lads are taking the mick.

Launching on Steam this year, Hell Punk Horror is a bloody first-person roguelite where you beat the snot outta costume-shop goons. But looking at these screens, I reckon the realm monster is the player, coming in and ruining these chill vibes. Look at these pals - they're all having a great time, zombies and tellyheads and disembodied skulls all just out for a good night with some good pals.

HPH has come a long way since its previous appearance in Screenshot Saturday Sundays. Hopefully, the slipping's still good.

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