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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Pistol platforming and hiking with alligators

Shot in the dark.

Screenshot Saturday Sundays! We're having a particularly grey and dreary end to the week up here, but I reckon it's nothing a splash of work-in-progress screenshots, videos and gifs can't fix. This week: Alligators in the woods, bullet-propelled platforming, a neon-blasted death labyrinth and birds, birds, birds.

We're starting our Sunday showcase with a walk in the woods, courtesy of Scott Slucher's crunchy 'gator boy.

An as-yet-untitled "cute little exploration game where you play as a cute little gator boy", early glimpses at Slucher's latest suggest he's been taking strong cues from A Short Hike - with big-headed anthropomorphic animals scampering through pixellated autumnal woods. It's a good look to nab, mind, and makes space for itself by zooming the camera right in on our charming crocodilian.

That's enough wistful Autumn wandering for the moment. It's time to blast stuff!

At first blush, Paradox Vector is just another shooter - albeit one sporting a sharp, vector graphics inspired look. What grabbed me about it, however, is this idea of a non-euclidean Doomlike. See, developers Schmidt Workshop are trying to bring some Escher-inspired nonsensical geometry into their bullet maze. While I don't think they've quite shown that off enough in existing footage, I reckon a touch of Antichamer could add a whopping sense of confusion and dread to some old-school firefights.

Now, I try and make a point of not including more than one shooter in this weekly round-up. But I think you'll our next entry is gunning for something slightly off-target.

You're A Gun. As a gun, you can shoot. With that one verb, developer Jake Ellis has wrung out a very strange platformer indeed. It's a hell of a starting point, and one that seems to have shot out of thin air. Assuming it hasn't fired off prematurely, I'm excited to see if this concept has legs, and see what puzzle-platforming challenges can be thought up for a sentient sidearm.

Finally, it's time to settle down for the afternoon with Bonfire Peaks. Just don't feed your marshmallows to the birds, yeah?

Corey Martin's puzzler might well promise a mountain of "unique and surprising ideas", but I'm already sold on the absolute serenity of his voxel woods. Bonfire Peaks has you climbing an intoxicatingly serene mountain, completing box puzzles to burn your belongings in these whopping great fire pits scattered throughout the range.

S'pose simply chucking 'em in the bin wasn't good enough, huh?

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