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Screenshot Saturday Tuesday: Hand-baked art

Admire these interesting and attractive indie games

A car launching between buildings in a Spy-O-Rama screenshot.
Image credit: Nick Carver

Every weekend, indie devs show off current work on Twitter's #screenshotsaturday tag. And every Monday (or Tuesday, following yet another three-day weekend), I bring you a selection of these snaps and clips. This week, my eye has been caught by artwork made by baking cookies (yes, actual real cookies), some Moebius-inspired citybuilding, stylish getaways, and more. Come admire these games!

Inspired by the embroidered sprites of Scarlet Deer Inn, many developers this month are taking part in "a highly unproductive game jam" which celebrates doing things in unorthodox and time-consuming ways. This developer, for example, is making art of out cookies:

Which come out looking a little something like this (still needing work to tidy up the model):

A stylish getaway in Spy-O-Rama:

Cute Mœbius styling to "survival city builder" Synergy (coming to Steam):

I am looking forward to doodling castles and landscapes in Tiny Glade (coming to Steam), a game in a similar vein to Townscaper:

Even though I have seen them in quite a few games by now, moving mannequins, statues, and dolls are still horrifying to me:

I know it's not the final look but I am really enjoying seeing work-in-progress animations flow through different levels of completion in fighting game Rising Spirit:

Have a little more fighting, this time from 5 Force Fighters (coming to Steam):

The stumble on these horrible creatures in Samurai Unicorn looks both practical and pretty:

Rhythm game and roguelikelike FPS combine in Robobeat (coming to Steam):

I like handcrafted art, and I really like the idea of Home Safety Hotline (coming to Steam), where you work on a phone helpline diagnosing infestations of increasingly supernatural households pests:

Looking at other screenshots and clips, turn-based tactical mecha game Arc Seed (coming to Steam) doesn't seem shy about its Evangelion influences:

I like the embossed noise and texture in Groceries, "a psychological horror game about leaving your apartment":

Dinging a bell in Brio 'em up Tracks (out on Steam for years now) feels important:

I know I post it often but I'm very excited for Echostasis (coming to Steam), with a demo there now), the final game in the trilogy with The Enigma Machine and Mothered:

A stylish load of nonsense in this yet-untitled action game:

I've seen a lot of fishing minigames, but don't remember one like this in Voron (coming to Steam):

I am very unhappy seeing this spelunking in Granite Casket:

This week at the intersection of Kitty Corner and Alarming Bug Corner, we have this beast from The Man In The Park 2 (coming to Itch):

Another beast bug comes from co-op sheep herding game Too Many Sheep (coming to Steam), a game idea I'm very into because honestly I could watch flocking animations all day:

And let's close with just some person from Dog's World (coming to Steam), "a surreal, menu driven, pseudo-immersive sim without rhyme or reason":

What else caught your eye this weekend, reader dear?

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