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Scribblenauts No Longer Arbitrarily Unavailable In Europe

Remember when Scribblenauts Unlimited simultaneously launched in all territories thanks to the lightspeed techno-magic of the 21st century? Well then, congratulations. You evidently live in a pristinely wound clockwork dimension where things actually make sense. Others of us aren't so fortune. Case in point: the entirety of Europe. While North America got the whimsically open-ended puzzler back in November, Warner Bros decided to shove its European release date into "early 2013" for no apparent reason. Seriously, even developer 5th Cell was basically baffled. But now, finally, mercifully, anyone can grab it on Steam.

On the upside, Unlimited's definitely worth the wait. Defying the extremely brittle shackles of Warner Bros region-locking, John scribbled naught but good things about Scribblenauts. (And, OK, also a few totally legitimate criticisms.) Still though, these are the words you should be paying attention to:

"When Scribblenauts Unlimited all comes together, it’s unquestionably a magical thing. Being tasked with turning a station wagon into a fire engine, I was told I needed to provide a DJ with something he could wire up to it to make it loud. A siren seemed the obvious choice, but I wondered – maybe, just maybe? I typed in the word, and yup – it offered me two choices: a traditional siren, or the alluring sea monster. Picking the second one, there appeared a winged, green-haired lady, warbling notes. I gave her to the DJ, who carried her over and attached her to the car. Done."

Steam Workshop support's also part of the package, so if you go rummaging through your infinite bag of tricks for something that simply doesn't exist (for instance, Pokemon or a version of Jesus who's made of cheese or a shark that's also a minigun), just get it from somebody else. Or make it yourself. The editor's pretty simple, so the strange, twisted reaches of your imagination are your only limit.

So yes, go! Create things! Frighten children! Scribblenauts will run you £22.99.

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Scribblenauts Unlimited

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