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Sea Of Thieves is boosting XP to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day

Just keep a lookout for more ancient skeletons

Rare’s pirate adventure Sea Of Thieves is marking this year’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day a few days early for its Season Seven Community Day on September 17th. This season’s special event busts out boosts to the game’s Renown progression system, kicks off a skeletal infestation, and might even land you a very fancy hat. Put on your eyepatch and have a watch of what’s in store for the event below.

Sea Of Thieves next Community Day is running for 24 hours starting on September 17th.

Part of this Community Day is a “generous fixed boost” to Renown, Sea Of Thieves version of seasonal progression. Not too shabby. If you tweet using the hashtag #SeaofThievesCommunityDay starting from 11am BST on the 17th, then it’ll help raise something called the Community Emissary Grade, which is broken down into five grades. If players rank it up to the top grade then that’ll unlock a multiplier that gives all players 2.5x the amount of gold and reputation for loot to boot.

It’s not all golden teeth and shiny cutlasses, however. If the community reaches the top Emissary grade then it’ll unleash a tide of Sea Of Thieves’ ancient skeletons. It’s the first time Rare have ever increased the amount of ancient skeletons in the game. These beasties do drop ancient coins though, so there’s that to consider. If you don’t fancy tangling with the undead and just want to look good instead, you can try to win a Hat Of Unfeasibly Glorious Fame by tagging Sea Of Thieves related tweets with #BeMorePirate.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day is celebrated every year on September 19th. It’s been kicking around in some form for nearly 30 years (and this year is also doubling up as the release date of Return To Monkey Island, appropriately enough). Together with Sea Of Thieves’ event, that’s quite a bit of piracy to keep people busy. Rare is also giving anyone who logs in to Sea Of Thieves between September 15th-20th an Arrrgh! emote, and visitors to the Pirate Emporium can nab a free Ranting Rogue emote. Oh, and there’s a box of fireworks to collect from Merchant Alliance reps, and a flag to celebrate the arrival of autumn, too.

Sea Of Thieves’ Season Seven Community Day is September 17th, lasting 24 hours from 11am BST/12pm CEST/3am PST. You can see the full details of what’s lined up here.

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