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Sea Of Thieves latest update starts a big shark hunt

Plus loads of good quality of life changes

The August update just landed in Sea Of Thieves, and while it's not big or dramatic as last month's Ashen Winds update, it brings plenty of new bits and pieces to keep everyone entertained over the next few weeks. A bunch of live events will be taking place in Rare's excellent pirate sandbox, including a time-limited one that challenges players to take out a load of the game's fearsome megalodons and collect their teeth.

That one's called Hunters Of The Deep, and collecting enough Shark Teeth will unlock cosmetic items from the Shrouded Ghost ship set. This is your opportunity to nab items from that set before you have to pay real money for them in The Pirate Emporium.

The second time-limited event on offer is called the Summer Of Sea Of Thieves, and it's a collection of challenges that can earn you cosmetics, titles and some in-game money to spend. These challenges are fairly easy - simple things like making new friends on the seas and repairing your ship a bunch will go towards earning some rewards. Check out the game's Events Hub for the full list of challenges.

New weekly events are being added, too. From September 1st, Ashen Expeditions will give you double rewards for handing in Ashen treasure. Then every Thursday pirates will be given extra rewards for handing in shipwrecked items for the Wreck And Roll event. I think Sea Of Thieves' shipwrecks are undoubtedly the best part of the game, so you'll know where to find me when that one rolls around.

A cool new accessibility option has been added in, too. Now, you'll find a "translate other players" featured in your settings. When this is on, you'll still be able to hear players speaking in other languages over voice chat, but a little translation will appear for you on your screen. It'll be interesting to see how well this works, the in-game voice chat can be pretty muddy sometimes.

Another focus for this update was quality of life stuff and bug fixes. Some of the more notable changes include: improved skeleton ship rewards, an increase in the number of Ashen Lord encounters, megalodons have stopped crashing into things when chasing you, and "pirates will no longer be propelled backwards when vomiting".

There are tons more I haven't mentioned, though, so here are the patch notes if you fancy a look for yourself.

Initially, the developers had planned for this update to be another big'un, but due to the difficulties of working from home, they've decided to push the more exciting stuff back until next month to give themselves a bit more time.

As for what that September update might bring, Rare have been pretty hushed so far. I'm hoping we'll hear more about the custom servers they keep mentioning, I can't wait to see what sorts of shenanigans players get up to when those are out.

That's about all I have to say about Sea Of Thieves for now. Have a look at this cool sunset with the rare green flash before you go, if you like.

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