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Sea Of Thieves will add pirate face changes and a flaming treasure chest

Both are getting a glow-up

It's nearly time for the monthly Sea Of Thieves content update and Rare have shared a few details on what to expect for February. In their commitment to everything being on fire all the time now, a new flaming variety of cursed chest will threaten your deck with flames. They are also finally (finally) letting pirates change their faces.

The new Chest of Rage, like the cursed Chest of Sorrows that's already in Sea Of Thieves, is a needy little thing that you'll need to babysit unless you want it to sink your ship. Rare shares that the Chest of Rage will heat up over time until it discharges a giant ring of fire that will light up your entire ship. To avoid that, you'll need to douse it with water on the regular to keep it cool.

If you're thinking "I'll just throw it in the hull right next to a Chest of Sorrows because fire and water cancel out," then you're wrong. The Chest of Rage will heat a hull full of water up to scalding but won't evaporate it. Rare do also mention they'll be interested to see how players decide to use the new rude chests as offensive weapons. So there's a hot tip for you.

As for face changes, Sea Of Thieves has never had a robust character creator. Instead it has a very handy generator that you might be tempted to scroll through for an hour until you find the right face. I certainly did. Despite my care to really consider my options, I was still jealous of other pirates' faces. Until now, you've been stuck with the mug you chose at the get-go, but Rare are now adding a consumable item that will take you back to the pirate creator.

It seems you'll still be playing face roulette, not editing a pirate to your liking, but the bar for entry seems pretty low in case you like to swap faces often. Rare's video above shows off the Pirate Appearance Potion which seems to be listed at just 149 Ancient Coins—Sea Of Thieves' premium currency. You can buy 150 of the things for £1.69/$2, which is frankly a steal compared with what I've begrudgingly paid to fix my face in other online games.

Rare go over a few other small bug fixes and tweaks in the video above and also tease some upcoming story line coming in February. Seems like grimy Stitcher Jim is still in love with that masked lady wot collected holiday gifts from players back in December. The rest of the patch notes will be up next week when the February update makes port.

You can grab Sea Of Thieves from the Microsoft Store but it's also included in the Xbox Game Pass for PC which you can still get your first three months of for £1/$1.

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