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Seagate's massive 14TB IronWolf Pro hard drive is $150 off today

Newegg's discount code cuts the price from $480 to $330

The Seagate IronWolf Pro is designed for professional use, but it's also a popular choice for anyone building a home server for sharing files or loading up their PC with incredible amounts of storage. The 14TB size is one of the largest they make, and today this gigantic drive is $150 off at Newegg when you use code 93XRU72.

That means you'll pay $330, which works out to just 2.4¢ per gigabyte for one of the biggest capacity and critically acclaimed drives available - a pretty outstanding deal.

If you don't need a Seagate IronWolf Pro specifically, there are some cheaper options available elsewhere online. The Seagate Exos X16 is another enterprise drive, and it's $334 for a 16TB size - or 2.1¢ per gigabyte. For a 14TB model, it's $300, so it's $30 cheaper than the IronWolf Pro for the same size.

So what's the difference between IronWolf Pro and Exos X16? Well, both are high-end enterprise hard drives that also fit nicely into consumer NAS servers and desktop PCs, but the IronWolf Pro offers two years of free data recovery and advanced disk health monitoring according to this TweakTown article. Meanwhile, the X16 offers slightly better random performance - not that it'll be great on an HDD anyway. Both seem like fine options, so choose whichever sounds best to you I think!

Whichever drive you choose, you'll get an absolute crap-ton of storage for games, media, backups and so on. If you do go the NAS route, I'm a fan of the fairly inexpensive one-bay Synology DS120j or two-bay Synology DS220j.

Should we cover more hard drive topics at RPS? Do you even use spinning rust any more? Let me know in the comments below.

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