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Second Symphony: Portal 2 Soundtrack 2

First there was one free official soundtrack collection for Portal 2, and now there are two. That's eighteen more tracks of exciting bleeping, on top of the 22 we've already had. There's a third one yet to come - but will it include The National's ode to abject misery and Jonathon Coulton's latest Portal creation? We will probably find out at some point in the near future: that is my official statement on the matter. Yes, you may quote me on it.

Meantime, get over here to grab Music To Test By Volume 2, or just have a peer at the reliably entertaining list of track titles below. SPOILER ALERT: one of the titles is on the spoiley side if you've not played the game.

You Will Be Perfect
Halls of Science 4
Bots Build Bots
An Accent Beyond
Robot Ghost Story
Die Cut Laser Dance
Turret Redemption Line
Bring Your Daughter to Work Day
Almost at Fifty Percent
Don’t Do It
Vitrification Order
Music of the Spheres
You Are Not Part of the Control Group
Forwarding the Cause of Science
PotatOS Lament
The Reunion
Music of the Spheres 2 (Incendiary Lemons)

It's pretty clear how much of the game that lot's covering, huh? And they sure have gotten a lot of soundtracks out of a game that clever, fair-minded men on the internet have accurately claimed only lasts 48 seconds.

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