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Secret Wars: Mirror's Edge vs Spider-Man

I snarked on Twitter a few days back that the people making the new Spider-Man film (a reboot, hilariously) must be more than a little familiar with Mirror's Edge given the astonishingly familiar first-person-perspective ultra-parkour sequence in its trailer, but this cheeky compar-o-video makes for proof positive. ..

Mash-up made by CVG, and as far as I can tell the ME footage is cut to match the editing of the Spidey stuff, so it isn't a scene-for-scene copy. But still...

Oh, Man of Spiders, you have been caught in your own web of lies. Or web of tributes, anyway. I can't imagine they didn't think there was no crossover between Spider-Man fans and game-players, so it's probably an extremely knowing reference and there's a bunch of Hollywood types sniggering at how clever we foolishly think we all are for spotting it.

Here's the full The Amazing Spider-Man trailer for the interested/unaware, by the way.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeemo. Man, if there was one superhero who just doesn't suit a dark'n'moody filmic reinterpretation, it's your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Having also found the Raimi Spidey movies to have veered too close to a sort of soap opera panto, I was hoping this one might focus on a reasonably well-adjusted Peter Parker wise-cracking while duffing up petty criminals, fleeing from bumbling cops and bickering with J. Jonah Jameson, rather than dwell on tragedy and destiny and all that po-faced jazz. Also, I'm really quite familiar with how he became Spider-Man at this stage. Do we really, honestly, truly need to see it yet again?

(I am very tired and grumpy.)
(More so than usual I mean.)
(I'll have a cup of tea and see if I feel better).

Anyway: shame the Spider-Man game license rests with either Disney or Activision at the moment, because DICE pointing their ME tech at the inevitable The Amazing Surly-Man game could have been a splendid thing.

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