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Secret World Issue Two Adds Rocket Launchers, Surgery

As a red-blooded member of the game-playing populace, I must confess that I quite enjoy rocket launchers. However, as someone who has blood and doesn't particularly want to see it outside my body, I'm not the biggest fan of surgery. But then, I suppose that means The Secret World Issue Two is adding something for everyone. And honestly, aside from the part where the man performing it looks like he wants to take all your organs and replace them with giant centipedes, even the surgery will do the body good. Specifically, you can get a new face! Then you can use your new face to look at more hair customization options, new story missions, and two more nightmare mode dungeons.

Titled "Digging Deeper," Issue Two's centerpiece is TSW's first auxiliary weapon: the rocket launcher. In effect, it allows you to equip a third weapon, adding a new ability hot bar slot (for a total of eight) and bringing seven new skills to the skill wheel. Funcom has also confirmed that it "goes 'Boom!'"

The much-requested addition of more robust character customization is also on the way in the form of the Modern Prometheus' plastic surgery (read: new face options) and the most marketably titled barbershop in the world, Ockham's Razor.

And, of course, there'll be a smattering of new missions to conquer with your devilish good looks and centipede organs - each with a chewy, Ragnar-y center of story goodness. Among them, Digging Deeper continues the main plot, "sending players back to Pastor Henry Hawthorne at the Kingsmouth Congregational to dig deeper into the town's secret history and Illuminati legacy." Meanwhile, Solomon Island and Transylvania will be receiving new investigation missions, and you'll have to "travel to a brand new location" to unlock the rocket launcher.

Issue Two will be available for consumption by your PC's mighty data mandibles on August 28th. It sounds like quite a hefty chunk of new content, too, so you should check out The Secret World because it's great, and if it fails, I will blame you specifically. Can you really live with that weighing on your conscience?

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