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Sega giving away new retro-inspired games for their 60th birthday

I didn't know I needed Streets Of Kamurocho

Shh, nobody tell Sega that they've done their birthday backwards by giving away free stuff instead of accepting it. Sega are beginning celebrations for their 60th anniversary by giving away Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Nights Into Dreams free for keeps, as well as some new games inspired by retro classics. Streets Of Kamurocho, seriously? That's a perfectly executed combo.

If you're in the mood for a proper classic, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is first on the free-for-keeps list. You can find it on Steam and add it to your account free until Monday, October 19th at 6pm BST / 10am PDT. To get Nights, you need to head link to a Steam account.

For something new with retro flavour, Sega are releasing several small games built on classics.

Streets Of Kamurocho is a Yakuza-themed beat 'em up where you can stomp around as yer guys Kiryu and Majima beating up suited gangsters in Streets Of Rage style, created by Empty Clip Studios. Amplitude Studios of Endless Legend fame created Endless Zone, an arcade shooter in the universe of Fantasy Zone. Relic Entertainment have chipped in Armor Of Heroes, a top-down tank battler homage to Company Of Heroes. Lastly, Sega have published Golden Axed, the prototype build of a cancelled series reboot called Golden Axe: Reborn. They say it was originally worked on by since-closed Sega Studios Australia and is now brought to you by The Eccentric Ape. They're getting released one at a time each day through this Sunday. Freebie status on all four ends at the same time as Sonic 2 on Monday the 19th.

Update: Sega releasing the Golden Axe prototype is a surprise for some of its makers, who shared unpleasant memories of the project.

Giving away retro games free is nice and all but investing the time and talent into creating new stuff to give away is actually quite neat. Good on ya, Sega. That's properly cool in my book. I swear I'm not just saying that because one is Yakuza-themed.

They've also slapped sales on many of their current games. You can find all those over on the event sale page on Steam along with the freebies. Quite a lot series are discounted, from Sonic to Total War to Alien to Yakuza.

This is week one of eight total weeks that Sega say they'll be celebrating the anniversary by "hosting let's plays, regular competitions, interviewing SEGA stalwarts from all corners of the business and treating you to video and editorial content covering different parts of Sega's rich history". You can keep up with what's on now and yet to come over on their Sega 60th site.

By the by, today's the day that there's a new Sonic costume in Fall Guys as well.

Correction: Not all of the free games were developed by Sega studios as originally mentioned. Streets Of Kamurocho was developed by Empty Clip Studios and Sega while Golden Axed was created by The Eccentric Ape and Sega. Legends, all.

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