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Sega Sports Sampler Sextuplet/2

Times change. They have to, as otherwise watchmakers go out of business. Sega have moved from beloved purveyor of bright skies, hedgehogs and underperforming consoles to beloved purveyor of bright skies, hedgehogs and heavyweight PC games. And the world's a better place for it, or at least for us, which is all that counts. Go self-interest!

Anyway, over the last few days they've released a couple of PC demos which showcase the dual sides of the publishers. First, we have the Sega Rally Revo demo, weighing in at 553.98Mbs (or 37.332 copies of Peggle), which features Rallying prominently. Secondly, we have two (count 'em!) demos of the Artist Previously Known as Championship Manager, Football Manager. The Strawberry edition is 523.47MBs in size, whilst the Vanilla edition is a more bandwidth friendly 103.19MB (That's 36.932 and 7.2793 recurring copies of Peggle respectively). The larger edition includes more footbally stuff to play, though xenophobes will be pleased to hear the Vanilla comes with the English and Scottish leagues. We'll report further if Sports Interactive decide to release a Chocolate edition, as we'll be sure to try and assemble some kind of home-brew neapolitan edition from all three.

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