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Sekiro gourd seeds - gourd seed locations, upgrading the healing gourd

That healing gourd in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice initially doesn't heal for much does it? Well you can upgrade your gourd by finding seeds in the world. On top of that, Sekiro also has a couple of different gourds that can help with certain status ailments.

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Sekiro: Shadows Die gourd seed guide

Our gourd seed guide will give you locations where you can find all of the gourd seeds in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. We also have the locations for finding the four gourds and what they do.

Emma - the physician who improves your healing gourd, outside the Dilapidated Shrine.

Gourd seeds locations

First off, you're probably wondering where all of the nine gourd seeds are. To make this simple, we've created a table with each gourd's nearest idol, the location where the idol is based, and directions on how to obtain it. Alternatively, Reddit user "lane_cruiser" created this rather nifty graphic showing all of the map locations for the gourds and a few other hard-to-find items. There is one that is unobtainable if you go for the Shura ending, but it should be obtainable from the Dilapidated Shrine's Offering Box, which is close to where the undying man resides.

Nearest Sculptor's IdolRegionHow to obtain the Gourd Seed
Outskirts Wall - Gate PathAshina OutskirtsAfter this Idol, there is a mini-boss named "General Naomori Kawarada". Defeat him to obtain the Gourd Seed.
Outskirts Wall - StairwayAshina OutskirtsThis is in the building just past the Chained Ogre. Grapple up there to find it.
Ashina Castle GateAshina OutskirtsFrom the battlefield where the Gyoubu Oniwa boss is, head up the stairs to the rear of the battlefield. Turn and head up the second set of stairs nearby to find a small tent. This merchant has one available for 1000 Sen (money).
Upper Tower - AntechamberAshina CastleA nearby chamber has a treasure chest that contains a gourd seed. It's just before the idol if you approach from the rooftops.
Ashina CastleAshina CastleHead up the stairs, running past the four riflemen, and the general if he's not been killed yet. Turn right at the top of the stairs before dropping down into an alleyway. Talk to the man sitting down to get some information. He'll later become a merchant at the Dilapidated Temple sitting by a wall with a torch, and sells one for 2000 Sen.
Senpou Temple, Mt. KongoSenpou Temple, Mt. KongoFollow the trail until you reach the temple. Grapple up to the beams and into the hole in the roof. It'll lead out to an area where three monks are praying and a fourth one is meditating facing them. The gourd seed is by them.
Under-Shrine ValleySunken ValleyJump down the hill and grapple the ledge with the rifleman. Kill him and then grapple to the branch in front of you. Kill the next rifleman and jump up the wall to the left. Kill the two riflemen on the platforms before scaling to the top. Under the small roof, one of the items that can be looted is a gourd seed.
Mibu VillageAshina DepthsWalk to the village and look for the tree with lots of enemies huddled around it. It has white leaves and should be fairly distinct enough for you to find it. The gourd seed is among the offerings at its base.
Palace GroundsFountainhead PalaceThis one can't be obtained if you have sided with Owl. From the idol, enter the building nearby with some of the terror inducing monks. Look for the big red chest on the main path and you'll find the gourd seed inside.

One of the merchants that sells the different gourds.

Where to find the four gourds

As for the Gourds themselves, there are four of them that each have different requirements to obtain them. While one is given to you, you'll need to visit certain merchants to get the other three. Here are the locations and costs involved.

  • Healing Gourd - This healing gourd heals health and is obtained from Emma - a concerned party and doctor who can initially be found at the Dilapidated Shrine. Once you've beaten Genichiro, she'll move to Lord Kuro's room. She can upgrade your healing gourd by giving her the gourd seeds. Each gourd seed obtained will increase the number of charges you can use before needing to refill at a Sculptor's Idol.
  • Withered Red Gourd - This gourd reduces burn buildup and increases burn resistance, but doesn't cure Burn. It is purchased for two Treasure Carp scales at the Pot Man located in the big lake at the start of the Hirata Estate level. Head to our Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice masks guide for details on how to get Treasure Carp scales.
  • Green Mossy Gourd - This gourd reduces poison buildup and increases poison resistance, but doesn't cure poison. From the Boddhistivia Valley Idol, jump down the cliff and grapple along the branches to avoid the poisonous swamp. Kill the white monkey with swords and turn to the right to enter a cave. There is a merchant here selling the Gourd for 1800 Sen.
  • Mottled Purple Gourd - This gourd reduces terror buildup and increases terror resistance. It can be bought from the merchant from next to the Mibu Village Idol for 1800 Sen.

With that, that's our gourd seed guide complete. If you want the steps to get certain endings, head to our Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice endings guide, while upgrading your skill points by farming experience are shown in the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice skill point farming guide.

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