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Sekiro is getting a free update this October, adding new outfits and a boss rush

Including a new mode for the more masochistic players out there

Surprise! FromSoftware's most recent very difficult action game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is getting a big free update on October 29th. Because of who I am as a person, the immediate thing I'm drawn to in said update is the fact that there are some cool new outfits for everyone's favourite Shinobi. But there are two other very exciting things on the way, too - a boss rush-style mode, and a recording feature that allows you to send ghosts of yourself to other players' worlds (kind of like the ones you see wandering around in Dark Souls).

So first up, this update will give players the ability to challenge bosses they've already defeated to a re-match (you know, without having to just go through the entire game again). It's called Reflections Of Strength, and you'll be able to find it in the menu when you sit at a Sculptor's Idol.

For the more masochistic Sekiro players out there, after going up against a few of your fave bosses again, you'll be able to take on a Gauntlet Of Strength challenge - which sounds a lot like you'll be fighting boss after boss with no breaks in-between. Not a challenge I personally feel I need to attempt, but I can't wait to watch some skilled players have a go at it.

Next, we have one of The Wolf's very fashionable new looks. He'll be getting three new outfits total, including one named “Tengu” and one named “Old Ashina Shinobi". You're not just getting them for nothing, though. One of the outfits is unlocked by completing the game once, and the other two are earned from completing challenges in the aforementioned Gauntlets.

The third and final new addition heading to Sekiro this autumn is a little thing called Remnants. Remnants are 30 second recordings you can make of yourself to send to other players' worlds, so you can share strategies, or, I dunno, show people a funny kill you did. They'll be able to open your Remnant and see a little ghost of you running about - a bit like the blood puddles you can touch in Bloodborne and Dark Souls that show you how another player managed to get themselves killed.

You're able to attach a little message to your Remnant, and players who find it in their games can rate it, which in turn restores your health if you've been a helpful cooperator.

This might just bring me back to Sekiro, you know. I bounced off it pretty hard, but I really love the community feeling that these little ghost and message systems give in Soulsborne games, so I reckon it might almost be time to give Sekiro another shot.

This update is completely free, and arrives to the game on October 29th. Have a look at the Activision blog for more details.

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