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Semi-classic racer Grid 2 is free for keepsies

Grid your loins

Codemasters' 2013 racer Grid 2 is a fairly geriatric entry in the car-wot-goes-fast pantheon - so old that RPS's prior coverage of it was written by the impossibly ancient likes of Rossignol, J. and Smith, A. - but we sure did like it back then.

I've just been back in and, yeah, it still looks and feels dang good for a non-car-gonk like me. Its cheeseball blend of arcadey racing, ludicrous damage modelling, time-rewinding, Chosen One storytelling and hilariously of-the-time achievement titles including "Here's My Number, Call Me Maybe?" holds up remarkably well. I'd happily play that all day long. And free, as it is so is so long as you snag before the end of the weekend, is doubly hard to argue with.

Humble are offering Grid 2 up gratis to anyone who signs up their email newsletter (email newsletters are all the rage again these days - even we've got one, and, unlike the first time we tried doing that, it's actually regular). You'll need to get in before 3am UK / 10am PT this Sunday, March 17.

That trailer is fiddled-with marketing fluff, of course, but the screenshots above and below show how the thing actually looks running maxed-out at 3440x1440 on my PC today. Pretty, pretty good, all things considered.

If you do, you'll get sent Steam keys for the base game and the Bathurst and Spa-Francorchamps track packs - which you need to redeem by March 21, or you'll never get to hear such fresh, contemporary soundbites as "I couldn't keep track of the number of camera phones focused on you".

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Grid 2

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