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Send cows to heaven with this Minecraft physics mod

Crumble blocks and tumble livestock

During a very productive lunch break, I noticed that a Minecraft mod I loved had recently been updated. The original Physics Mod turned all your mined blocks into crumbled gibs, which made mining a bit more fun, but caused some lag. The updated version is way better. The lag is gone, and the developer has added configurable physics settings across the whole game. You can have fun with the realistic ragdolls and collapsing trees, or turn you can all the sliders up and live like you’re in the very relevant movie of Inception.

That works so well. Ragdolled, gravity-free livestock were always meant to have a Queen soundtrack. I really hate suggesting that anything is like Inception, as it’s such a lazy shorthand, but wandering through the gravity-addled explosions really does have an Inceptiony quality.

The mod adds ragdoll physics on every creature, which makes whacking away at a steak on legs kind of disturbing. They tend to crumple in a meaty heap. However, if you fiddle with the new gravity settings, you can have their corpses shoot straight up into the sky. It’s like you’re sending them straight to heaven! That’s basically what I spent my lunch hour doing. Fultoning them all the way up to God.

This is a Fabric mod, so I can link to my article about installing and using Fabric performance mods. If you follow that guide it’ll show you how to add mods, so all you need to do is add Physics Mod and you’re set. Enjoy!

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